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The gift of beauty… a DIY gift with Aveeno-6

I’m sharing a fun way to create a skin-healthy gift as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Aveeno. All tips and opinions are mine alone.

It’s the time of year where I like to a make a list and check it twice… my Christmas list that is! And then I like to create fun gift packages with DIY options. So today, I’ve teamed up with Aveeno® Active Naturals and their new Absolutely Ageless line to share with you the gift of beauty… a great way to mix a little bit of DIY and some great skincare options to create a gift that will keep on giving (full of at-home spa nights and great skin!).The gift of beauty… a DIY gift with Aveeno-2

First, we’ll start with the DIY portion! It’s SO easy to throw together a great scrub that will be beneficial to both body and face. For this, you probably already have these two simple ingredients in your kitchen, just grab a cute little jar and get to mixing! Take equal amounts of coffee (ground, organic) and coconut oil and stir together. 

Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that protects our skin against free radicals that damage and age us. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the skin and improves blood flow which helps makes us look radiant and bright. Plus it helps reverse the damage of UV rays and can even increase the production of collagen and elastin!

As we are pretty aware, coconut oil is highly nourishing to the skin and loaded with protective antioxidants as well as being antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal, making it a great choice for acne prone skin. Together these ingredients create a great one-two punch for the entire body! Use it as a scrub and as a face mask as well.

Another perfect DIY option is a bath salt. If you’re gifting a spa night, you can’t forget an option for the tub. Start with some epsom salts and add in essential oils of choice based on scent and benefits. Mix the salts and oils in a pretty jar (and can even add in dried lavender or other flowers or herbs). Definitely simple and easy.The gift of beauty… a DIY gift with Aveeno-3

Now it’s time to round out your gift package! I’m definitely all about great skincare. I like to choose the brands I use on my skin and work with based on their effectiveness and ingredients, which is why I’ve worked with Aveeno (and used it on my kids and to hydrate my own skin) for a long time. They’ve just recently released their new Absolutely Ageless line, so what a great addition for a gift pack of beauty than and age-defying product from a great brand. While still being affordable, these gentle yet effective anti-aging creams contains an exclusive Active Naturals® Blackberry Complex infused with vitamins C and E, antioxidants, and powerful anti-aging ingredients.

So now that you have a few great items rounded up, some cute packaging with your jars of DIY items and creams, products that smell and feel luxurious, ingredients that give results and that you want to put on your skin… it’s time to wrap it up! There are absolutely so many great ways to wrap a gift, but I’ve found one of the best is to use this moment to gift another fabulous item. A beautiful scarf is one way to give a gift that will again keep on giving. As part of spa night, the scarf can be used to keep hair out of the face and allow the scrubs, masks and creams to do their work, and then of course it can be used in so many other ways.The gift of beauty… a DIY gift with Aveeno-6

So do tell, what would be in your ultimate gift basket of beauty?! I’d love to hear what you love to give or receive. Are you ready for Christmas??


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