It’s been a season to celebrate here at FreshMommyBlog and on top of our own plethora of reasons, one is to celebrate a FMB parter, it’s Sway Group‘s 5th Birthday. This is a sponsored post and we’re happy to be a part of the festivities!celebration!

There have been SO many celebrations happening in our pages of life lately. We began a completely new chapter with a birth and addition to our family, turned a page with another birthday to celebrate the life of our beautiful Skylar, Father’s Day had us honoring my husband, who is an amazing father to our children, my father and remembering my father in law. Then there’s summer, and if there’s any season that can fill the pages of our story and give reason to celebrate, it’s summer!

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know we love a good reason to celebrate and so even though I’ve been operating on very little sleep and at times my life seems like it made up of diaper changes and breastfeeding, we make it happen! You see, I don’t want to be that person that saves the “best” for a special occasion, LIFE is a grand occasion! Waking up alive and going to bed the same way only to do it again the next day… it’s called living, and living is a special occasion.Hooray, it's Today! Again.

I have to say, birthdays and milestones get me reflective, new seasons have me setting goals and when they all merge into one big celebratory wave, well, let’s just say I’ve been thinking about it all. There is a quote that pretty much sums it up… 

 Thank you, Oprah!The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more in life there is to celebrate.

You see, that’s just it, there are always things in life to celebrate! Find the good. Choose to see it. 

Even if it’s something small to celebrate, make it happen. And if it’s something big, CELEBRATE! (And eat something delicious too.)

With that said, I just have to bring up something… those “Summer Bucket Lists” and “Family Summer To Do” lists that are swirling through Pinterest along with every recipe that I want to make and have not the time for. I want to make them because I’m constantly hungry (a side effect of breastfeeding) and I don’t have time to make it happen (another side effect of breastfeeding). But back to the bucket lists, I actually think they’re pretty fabulous and entertaining and resourceful and ambitious… and they are another think I would love to adopt into our summer story and another thing I don’t think I really have time for. 

However, in honor of our season of celebration, I’ve created my own summer bucket list and deemed it a New Mom’s Bucket List! While celebrating our blogging partner The SITS Girls and Sway Group (an intermediary between us and our fabulous sponsors, a company with 36 employees and on Inc.’s list of the 10 Fastest Growing Women-Led Companies in San Francisco!) on their 5th birthday, I decided to put together a little list of 5 things that every new mom REALLY wants to cross off her bucket list would totally celebrate with every little check mark.The New Mama Bucket List 

What is it that you’re choosing to celebrate today? Join with us in the party… even if my celebratory dance happens because I happened to get a shower or a nap. 😉 Oh yeah, and The SITS girls are also giving away $500 over on Instagram too, so check it out!


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