If the idea of pounds of sweat and microscopic organisms freaks you out like it does me, then it’s time to refresh your mattress with this all natural solution!Mattress Cleansing and Refreshing with Essential Oils

When we made the move from Michigan to Florida a few short years ago, we actually sold quite a bit of furniture and slowly have been adding the pieces we need back to our home ever since. While we did end up bringing our bed with us, the mattress didn’t make the move (although we didn’t sell it either, gross!). We disposed of that thing before leaving, knowing we needed a new one anyway. What we couldn’t believe was how heavy our 7 year old mattress had become. 

Imagine how shocked I was to learn that mattresses ultimately double in weight after 10 years because of human cells, dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores, fungal elements, pollen, dander, and secretions and excretions of the body that accumulate… SO gross!

Now, grateful that our time had come for a new mattress (at the time of the move, meaning a little over three years ago) we sleep with a mattress cover and I always wash our sheets weekly, if not more depending on what’s happening (Like those proud parenting moments where your little one joins you in bed in the middle of the night and then wet’s YOUR bed. Yeah, awesome.).Mattress Cleansing and Refreshing with Essential Oils

Next time you take your sheets off to wash them (in hot water), clean your mattress too, and get ready to fend off the dust mites that like to live in the bedding and fabric of your mattress. First, place a cup of baking soda in a jar that has a lid and add 15-20 drops of essential oil of choice. Shake well, then, using a kitchen sifter, sift the mixture all over the top of your mattress. Let sit for at least an hour (the longer the better) and when you’re ready to make your bed, use a vacuum hose attachment and vacuum it all up. Your room will smell amazing and your mattress will be deodorized! Mattress Cleansing and Refreshing with Essential Oils Mattress Cleansing and Refreshing with Essential Oils

The baking soda is great for removing stale and musty odors, and adding in an essential oil that is purifying and repels dust mites makes this work wonders on your sleeping environment. I love using clove oil because it’s a favorite scent of mine, and along with peppermint, lavender, lemon and eucalyptus oils, these are each great oils for repelling dust mites. We recently went through and cleaned up all of the mattresses in our house… and it feels so good! The same system works for your carpets as well, especially great for homes with pets because as well as repelling dust mites, the same applies to fleas. Mattress Cleansing and Refreshing with Essential Oils Mattress Cleansing and Refreshing with Essential Oils Mattress Cleansing and Refreshing with Essential Oils

Happy cleaning… and sleeping!


Tabitha Blue

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