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Top Essential Oils for Travel and Why You Don't Want to Leave Home Without Them

With all the travel that’s been a part of our life, especially lately, it just wouldn’t be the same without our essential oils. I basically keep these oils in my handbag, so they’re always with me anyway, but they are definitely my top essential oils for travel, and ones I don’t want to leave the house without! To be able to help myself and my family in just about any situation we come across from a natural standpoint and with just a few small bottles is such a huge thing… and means less running to the drugstore every time we’re on a trip for some emergency something

Since it’s a question I get often, I’m excited to share these essential oils for travel with you today!

Another question I hear often is, “Can you carry bottles of essential oils on a plane?” The answer is definitely YES! And I actually prefer to carry them on with me than to check them in my luggage. The TSA regulations for carrying liquids on board is basically as many 5 or 15ml bottles that will fit in a 1 quart plastic bag. As long as a liquid is under three ounces, you’re golden, which works out to six 15 ml bottles or eighteen 5 ml bottles.

I always keep a small carry case in my handbag for all of our emergency, on-the-road needs, and I use it for travel as well. But if you want to be completely cautious before heading through airport security, you can use a clear, quart size ziplock bag for travel since that is what the TSA website states for liquids and recommends. This will ensure that you’re following their guidelines and your oils can safely travel with you! Also, it will keep any spills from leaking through to other parts of your bag, which has happened to me before as well, but that’s not the norm… just make sure those tops are screwed on tight!Top Essential Oils for Travel and Why You Don't Want to Leave Home Without Them-5

My Top Essential Oils for Travel and Why You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without Them!

These are the oils I never leave the house without, and how I use them while on a trip.

Peppermint Essential Oil – I usually don’t step out without some peppermint oil handy. It’s a go-to oil for SO many things… one of those multi-purpose oils from our natural medicine cabinet! We use it for upset stomach (from nausea to digestion issues), headaches, when we need energy, I’ll add a drop on my toothbrush for fresh breath and for gum health, pain relief and tension relief. Another way I use it for travel is to add a drop to a wet washcloth and leave in the shower to let the steam and aromatherapy do it’s work to open sinuses and alleviate travel wear. 

Lavender Essential Oil – This is another “do-it-all” oil and it’s pretty easy to say, when in doubt, use Lavender Oil. It’s moisturizing and calming to the skin (making great for burns, sunburns and dry skin), antibacterial (great for cuts and scrapes), can help to mentally relax and calm (used to calm during the day as well as helpful for sleep), and is great mixed with pretty much any other oil as well!

Lemon Essential Oil – Another multi-purpose oil! Lemon Essential Oil is such a great cleansing oil, and I know that seems counter-intuitive when traveling since I don’t usually clean when away from home… but hold on for some great tips. First, I like to keep Lemon oil on me to add 1-2 drops to my water (in glass bottles only) as a great detox. If I am traveling with a diffuser (sometimes, not always), Lemon is very purifying and cleansing for the hotel room air. It’s also perfect for stains! Just 1-2 drops on a stain will help preserve your clothing until you can get home to wash it since it gets out grease, gum, crayon and more. Just a drop behind your ears and on your wrists can help reduce or eliminate anxiety (great mixed with lavender). If you suffer from allergies, and sometimes you don’t know until you’re in a new place that you have an allergy to something in the new climate or air, you can use a couple drops of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint 2x a day on the bottom of your feet to help! Lemon oil is also something you can add with honey to warm water to fight coughs, sore throats and fever (just make sure to use a pure oil that you trust for any internal use, which is why I use Spark Naturals).

Melaleuca Essential Oil – This is an oil that I didn’t travel with before since I don’t like the scent, but lately have been keeping on me since it’s SO great for ear aches and mine seem to have been getting plugged up more often lately while pregnant for some reason. I rub it around the outside of my ears and it helps tremendously (and you definitely don’t want earaches or plugged ears when flying)! Melaleuca (otherwise known as Tea Tree Oil) is also antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, decongestant, analgesic and insecticidal… so basically it’s also good for everything! Mix with Lavender for sunburns and cuts, use on bug bites, bruises, blisters, cold sores or just about anything else. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil – This is an oil that I would always travel with, although I stopped using during pregnancy and look forward to using it again afterwards. For me, using a couple of drops on the bottom of my feet at night was like taking a sleeping pill. Because it’s a calming, sedative, it’s a great oil for restless leg syndrome and spasmodic conditions. It can be used as a cough suppressant (just rub on chest and throat at night to settle before bed), for menstrual support (since it can help to regulate hormones, which is why it’s an oil to avoid when pregnant), and as a bug repellant (which also means it’s a good oil to sprinkle on the beds when you get into a hotel room)!

Birch Essential Oil – When I know we have an active trip ahead, I make sure to bring along Birch Essential Oil. In fact, I used to always keep this with me, but it’s another oil to avoid when pregnant, so I haven’t kept it in my to-go bag as often. Birch Essential Oil is actually used as a topical aspirin since it’s main component is an active compound used in aspirin and it has a cortisone-like quality which brings muscle pain relief on contact. 

Shield Essential Oil Blend – So, to me, this is like one of the heroes of our essential oil collection. It’s a HUGE immunity booster and especially great when traveling as that can seem to be when my body can get worn down. Hello all the airplane germs being circulated and dirty elevator buttons and door handles that have never been sanitized and public transportation with people coughing on you, etc. I use this as our protective oil and apply morning and night to the bottom of our feet (when I remember to), and especially when traveling.

You really don’t need a ton of oils when so many oils can pull double or triple duty on needs they can address. That’s why these are the main oils I travel with, as I can mix, match and use for SO many things… and then will sometimes rotate in an oil I’m actively using at the time, like Harmony Women’s Essential Oil Blend, Dream-Sleep salve or others.Top-Essential-Oils-for-Travel-and-Why-You-Don't-Want-to-Leave-Home-Without-Them-2

I also keep a few extra necessities on hand, like our homemade healing salve for everything from cuts and burns to scrapes and bug bites. Another item you don’t want to travel without is a carrier oil, this is any oil that will dilute your essential oils before applying directly to skin, and I keep this with me as well, especially when the kids are traveling with me. I’ll usually pour some fractionated coconut oil into a small travel bottle to use when needed. Something I keep in my purse and also like to have at the ready when I walk into a hotel room is our DIY sanitizing spray… and I hit every surface with this spray; handles, knobs, light switches, telephone, pillows, toilet seat, sink handles, bathtub, etc. I give the room a thorough spray down and feel much better about the rest of our stay. And the plus of having it in my purse? I use it on our hands and other surfaces when we’re out!Top Essential Oils for Travel and Why You Don't Want to Leave Home Without Them-6

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